Becoming a Client

When you join the Guerin Financial Services family, you will benefit from our commitment to provide you with independent, unbiased advice and guidance focused on your long-term goals. We offer a time-tested, four-step process designed to maximize the level of service you receive:

  • Initial contact. The all-important first step is to discuss your goals and get to know one another. This can be done initially in person or by telephone. There is no commitment or cost the purpose is to help you determine if Guerin Financial Services is the right fit for you.
  • Questionnaire. You will fill out a Confidential Questionnaire designed to gather the personal and financial information we need to evaluate your financial situation. After we receive it, we will set up a meeting to give you our initial thoughts and recommendations and to address your questions or concerns.
  • Implementation. Once you come aboard, we will refine your investment strategy and then get to work: We will organize and establish new accounts, transfer current funds and holdings, start rebalancing your portfolio, and begin to address any other financial loose ends.
  • Management and review. We will stay in regular contact with you, providing updates on your investment performance and adjusting your investment strategy based on changes in the economy, the performance of your portfolio, and your own changing needs and goals.

We have designed two separate programs to help you make the most of your income and investments: the Managed Asset Program (MAP) and the Savings Plan Management Program.

Managed Asset Program
MAP is an active investment management plan that focuses on asset allocation strategies using a no-load, fee-based approach. Under MAP, most of your assets will be invested in mutual funds, and we also utilize individual stocks, bonds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as appropriate. We have a long-standing relationship with Charles Schwab, which acts as third-party custodian of the assets we manage.

We do not attempt to time the market or engage in short-term trading strategies. Positions are generally held for the long term, and we review your accounts regularly to determine if and when rebalancing is needed. In addition, we proactively adjust your target allocation based on market conditions, long-term performance, and changes in your goals or lifestyle.

While the fee for MAP is based on the value of your portfolio, you receive far more than investment management. Our goal is to help maximize every aspect of your finances, and that means we address the following issues, among others:

  • When is it appropriate to convert to a Roth IRA?
  • When should you refinance, and what should it cost?
  • Which investments should be owned in your taxable accounts and which should be owned in your IRA and 401(k) accounts?
  • Should you take a survivor option on your pension or would you be better off buying life insurance?
  • When is it appropriate to take out a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit), and what should it cost?
  • Should you collect Social Security benefits at age 62 or wait until age 65 or later?
  • What is the best way for you to increase cash flow? What sources should you use to pay down debt, which balances should you refinance, and are there assets you should sell?

Savings Plan Management Program
We manage your 401(k) plan in order to help you achieve higher returns while minimizing risk. We analyze the investments within your 401(k) plan to properly allocate them in relation to your other investments. We conduct a periodic review of each portfolio and make changes when they are needed, and you will receive a quarterly report detailing how your account is performing.